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    Tuesday, June 25, 2013
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    Thursday, June 20, 2013
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    Wednesday, June 19, 2013

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TRON: Decoding the Grid

TRON: Decoding the Grid 02

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Greetings, Programs!

The Renegade is getting some attention by CLU and
General TESLER while some of Beck’s friends are involved in another adventure of their own.  Both story lines converge in a striking conclusion with some parallel lessons to be learned.

Join SHAZ and SHUA as they are joined by experienced podcaster Jovial Jay as we cover TRON: Uprising’s first two-part arc on TRON: Decoding the Grid.

Why does ZED look at MARA as more than a friend and how does it affect the friendship that they have?

Is PAIGE overly obsessed with the Renegade?  If so, why? 

Why aren’t General TESLER’s soldiers busy keeping the peace and putting a stop to the criminal element in Argon City if CLU’s purpose is to create the “perfect system”?

These are some important questions, and may (or may not) be answered in this installment of TRON: Decoding the Grid!

TRON: Decoding the Grid 01

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Greetings, Programs!

Though TRON:Uprising has not been picked up for a second season, we’re still enjoying watching it a second time.  Now that it’s on Netflix, you can catch it, too!

Join SHAZ and SHUA as they are joined by artist Spencer Brinkerhoff III and filmmaker Sheldon Norton for this first episode of TRON: Decoding the Grid and discuss the pilot episode of TRON: Uprising.

CLU has overtaken the Grid in his effort to create the perfect system.  TRON is nowhere to be found.  When GENERAL TESLER comes to Argon City to enforce the will of CLU, an idealistic program stands up to oppression and finds himself an unlikely (and even unwilling) hero. 

Subscribe.  Download.  Tune in for every episode as TechnoRetro Dads bring you TRON: Decoding the Grid.

Greetings, Programs!

Check back here for episodes of TRON: Decoding the Grid
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